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Nataly Martínez-Cifuentes MD.

Founder and Executive Director
Gynecologist – Obstetrician
Founder of Soy Mejor Mujer LLC. @soymejormujer @soymejormujer

I was born in Colombia, with a beautiful family who taught me to dream big and be persistent on the road to my dreams. Since I was little I have had a special sensitivity to easily detect where people’s needs are and an innate ability to develop strategies to help them. That is why I decided to study medicine fulfilling this dream at the free university of my hometown of Cali, where I always characterized myself for my commitment to patients and for a very close and humane treatment with them.

I practiced as a general practitioner and surgeon at the Hospital Universitario del Valle, one of the most important hospitals in my country to take care of the most vulnerable and unprotected population in the south west of Colombia, where I worked for general surgery and burn unit services. About 5 years.

After this period I entered to study my specialization in Gynecology and obstetrics at the free university moving to live in the United States at the end of my training. In 2017, living in the city of Los Angeles, I found the great flaw that Latin women had in the United States when trying to find correct and timely information for their health, which led me to create soy mejor mujer,a platform in digital media To educate women and make them aware of their health care, educating them about the care of each stage of our life cycle, this project led me to know that the need to provide women with health education was so urgent that it was urgent create a non-profit organization that will be in charge of reaching all women to teach them about their self-care and health processes, there is born Empowered Women Foundation, a foundation created to empower women from their health, informing them in the correct way about the changes we experience in each cycle of our lives, helping them to prevent and detect diseases in time.

In our foundation we bet on Women as the main and fundamental pillar of the family, because we are sure that by educating a Woman we change the health prognosis of all future generations.

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