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Claudia P. Allison


Claudia considers herself a life learner, as she loves and strongly believes in education. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Development as well as a Doctorate (HC) in Humanities. Merging both skills, she is dedicated to providing business consulting to create scalability and leadership development strategies, taking into account the individual mental/emotional well-being of her clients.

She has a wonderful family in her personal life; her mother and sister are her best friends, and her husband is her perfect complement. Claudia loves animals, exercise and traveling. She trains almost daily as she enjoys participating in high performance marathons and obstacles. She loves to travel and has had the privilege of visiting 29 countries at the age of 34. Above all, what she enjoys most is having the opportunity to help others shine.

Claudia was born and raised in New York City to Honduran parents. At the age of 24 she moved to Los Angeles. She currently resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Very proud of her roots and her Latino culture, she remained steadfast in collaborating with the Hispanic migrant community in the United States and bringing her knowledge to Latin America. She sees herself as the bridge that connects the American dream with the beauty of Latin culture, bringing out the best in both. Her passion is to provide the opportunity to truly live a profound transformation, far beyond some temporary motivation, to change the chip with which we have been programmed to create what she calls “a life by design” and not the life we “play.”


  • 17 years of experience as an entrepreneur
  • 14 years leading business trainings and transformations worldwide


  • Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Development from Baker College of Graduate Studies
  • Doctorate (HC) in Humanities from Becker College
  • Certified Coach in the 3 Transformational processes


  • Lead thousands of transformational/entrepreneurial trainings across North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean & Europe.
  • Entrepreneur since age 17.
  • Creator of PMC Coaches Certification Program
  • Founder and President of LBDCC (focused on providing business consulting, transformational coaching, and business and financial coaching).
  • Founder & President of Infinity Rentals (focused on purchasing and managing short- and long-term investment properties).
  • Founder & President of non-profit organization Raw Beauty (Focus on providing business management education to educate young people to become self-sufficient through beauty line).
  • Investor (Real Estate, Stock Exchange, Angel Investor)
  • Expert panelist in several TV programs!

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